Good profit with good style is the superior objective of Harper Hygienics S.A. activity.

Our task is to operate and develop the business in a manner ensuring market success and high profits and thus increased goodwill. We strive to continuously increase the profitability of the company by setting challenges for our employees. The work at Harper Hygienics is for above-average people who like highly set standards and get satisfaction from executing the objectives. It is the employees who make Harper Hygienics a leader in Poland in all the categories of products offered by the company.

We are creating innovative high-quality products in a convenient form. We achieve this by learning the needs and expectations of the consumers and the potential created by the position of technological leader in the sector.  

We generate high profits, while at the same time we work according to the business code of ethics. The principle of fair play applies to all aspects of the company's activity, relations with customers, suppliers, investors and employees. We are working together with the customers maintaining the highest standards of customer care at the level of both the sale and service conditions. 

We follow the highest standards, which are driving the behaviour of our employees:

1. Seeking unlimited development opportunities,

2. Participation and joint responsibility,

3. Individual effectiveness and efficiency in action. 

These standards suggest the appropriate method of handling business situations on a daily basis. The standards allow the employees to be aware of their role in the organisation and find incentives to meet daily professional challenges. The standards are guidelines clear to everyone in respect to the development of own qualifications and a guidepost on the path of a professional career. 

Seeking unlimited development opportunities is expressed by:

  • being creative and inspiring to others,
  • openness and courage,
  • proactive attitude,
  • sharing ideas,
  • delivering non-standard solutions,
  • constant questioning of the existing status quo,
  • flexibility in approaching various problems,  
  • tolerance for "smart errors”.

Participation and joint responsibility means for us:

  • cooperation based on effective and multidirectional communication of facts/consequences in real time, considering all recipients it might concern,
  • going beyond the silos,
  • building the participation in decision-making process,
  • taking responsibility for the decisions made by senior management,
  • responsible assignment of the powers to team members,
  • support and appreciation.

The individual effectiveness and efficiency in action means: 

  • consistency of declarations and actions, 
  • courage in making decisions, 
  • positive approach to challenges and obstacles (a smile as a standard),
  • honesty and ethical approach,
  • respect and due attention shown to everyone,
  • striving for continuous development.