High quality standards

Keeping the highest standards during every stage of the production process if our most important challenge. The raw materials, packaging and machines are continuously controlled by the Quality Assurance Division.

The quality control staff also monitors the semi-finished products and finished product during every production stage. The analyses are conducted according to the European standards by a modern laboratory. The microbiological tests confirm that the products are safe for our consumers. All results of the tests are recorded to enable their identification.

We are also testing our products at external, independent and certified research laboratories to ensure the fulfilment of individual requirements of our customers. All our products are also tested dermatologically.

Our company continuously invests in quality improvement projects. 

The fulfilment of the highest standards regarding the quality and safety of the products is confirmed by the implemented quality management system.

The consumers recognise the high quality of our products. Harper Hygienics is a market leader in following categories: cotton pads, hygienic buds, makeup removal wipes, intimate hygiene wipes and household cleaning wipes. Harper Hygienics is also one of the leading companies in the category of baby wipes.