Private label

Produkty Cleanic

Harper Hygienics SA is a manufacturer of private label products across many categories and materials. We offer our partners a wide range of products such as period pads, pantyliners, wet wipes, dry wipes, under pads, cosmetic pads, buds, and cotton balls. Our unique natural fibre technologies allow us to produce goods out of various fibres including organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and banana leaf.

We provide our partners with comprehensive solutions:

  • Advice on trends and market strategy
  • The research and development of innovative products
  • Efficient implementation of new products on the market – from ideation to commercialization
  • Production with strict quality control
  • Sustainable technologies and values
  • Extensive Product and Production Certifications
  • Professional customer service based on mutual partnership and respect

Our extensive experience and knowhow, research and broad cooperation with the customers and suppliers, allow us to implement the latest technologies and design state of the art products meeting the changing and growing consumer needs. Each project is designed individually not just to meet, but to exceed customer expectations. Our customers appreciate our attention to high quality of the products ensured by the highest standards applied during each stage of production. 

We are committed to maintaining a leading position in the competitive and expanding hygienic products category. As part of this commitment, we are actively exploring additional opportunities for successful business ventures in the realm of private label products.

For inquiries about potential cooperation in the Private Labels segment, please reach out to us at