Sweet Sense

The brand of cleansing and hygienic products inspired by trends in interior design. Thanks to the various patterns and sizes of packages, consumers can choose what suits best their individual tastes and their bathroom interior.

Sweet Sense cotton pads for skin and eyes cleansing and make-up removal. Effective and gentle, made of 100% pure cotton. Thanks to their hemmed edges the pads are compact, do not split, and make-up removal is even more comfortable.

Available in packs of 120 and 80 pcs.

Sweet Sense cotton buds – essential in everyday hygiene. The pure cotton and the high quality of buds make them gentle and safe to use.

Available in various packs:round boxes of 100 and 200 pcs, and rectangular boxes of 300 pcs.

Antibacterial refreshing wet wipes for hands and body. Clean thoroughly and leave a gentle and fresh smell.

Mystic Dreams wipes – the Mystic Dreams refreshing wet wipes for hands and body with a hint of sensual feminine perfume and antibacterial liquid. Clean hands quickly and effectively, leaving a pleasant smell.

Available in packaging containing 15 pcs.