Harper Hygienics

Harper Hygienics S.A. is the leading producer on the market of cosmetic-hygienic skin care products.

Cleanic is the main brand of the Company - recognised by nearly 75% of its target group. The beginnings of Cleanic brand goes back to 1991, when the facial cleansing cosmetic pads and cotton buds were the only products sold under that brand. Today a broad range of over 40 products are offered under the Cleanic brand, including specifically products for facial cleansing, child skin care and nourishment and intimate hygiene. 

The Company is also involved in the production of private label brands for retail chains. Harper Hygienics employs over 500 employees, expands its activity on foreign markets and plans further development both in respect of geographical coverage and the portfolio of products. The high recognition of the Cleanic brand provides it with potential to launch new products, including in the completely new segments of the cosmetic-hygienic market , and to build the position of the expert in skin care.

Information on share of men and women in Company's authorities in 2015 and 2016


Management Board: share of women - 33%, share of men - 67%
Supervisory Board: share of women - 15%, share of men - 85%


Management Board: share of women - 50%, share of men - 50%
Supervisory Board: share of women - 15%, share of men - 85%